• Keweenaw Community Sparkplug Awards!

    Growth - Company that has seen significant growth in employment and/or sales during the previous year.

    Quality / Customer Service / Teamwork - Recognized by the community, other businesses, and customers for providing top quality products/services.

    Innovation / Transformation - New or existing company pursuing new products or services that hold great promise for local economic growth and employment. Or, that has made a significant change in how they conduct business or in the products/services they offer, which has produced significant outcomes.

    Community Development - A company, organization, person, or activity that has had significant positive impact on the business community.

    Person / Project of the Year - A high impact person or project that is notable within the community and will provide lasting benefits to businesses and community members.

    Young Professional of the Year - A person under the age of 40 who made significant strides in our community and in their profession in 2017.


    The Keweenaw Community Sparkplug Awards Dinner, will be held on March 1, 2018 

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    2016 SparkPlug Award Winners!        
    Community Development - Leah Polzien
    Growth - Vollwerth's
    Customer Service/Quality/Teamwork - Mark Pittillo
    Transformation/Innovation - ProNav Marine
    Young Professional of the Year - Devin Leonarduzzi
    Person/Project of the Year - Leadership Keweenaw

    2015 SparkPlug Award Winners!
    Community Development - Keweenaw Convention & Visitors Bureau App
    Growth - Xeratec Corporation
    Customer Service/Quality/Teamwork - Swift True Value Hardware, Marilyn Swift
    Transformation/Innovation - Neuvokas
    Young Professional of the Year - Brian Donnelly
    Person/Project of the Year - Keweenaw Science & Engineering Festival 

    2014 SparkPlug Award Winners!
    Sparkplug Award for Growth - Thermoanalytics 
    Sparkplug Award for Quality / Customer Service / Teamwork - Marketing Department
    ‚ÄčSparkplug Award for Innovation / Transformation - Roy's Pasties & Bakery
    Award for Community Development - Bob LaFave & The Village of L’Anse
    Person / Project of the Year - Jon Julien
    Young Professional of the Year - Amanda McConnon

    2013 SparkPlug Award Winners!
    Sparkplug Award for Innovation – Glen Simula / GS Engineering
    Sparkplug Award for Transformation – Jim Bogan and the Portage Health Board of Directors
    Sparkplug Award for Community Development – Jon Haeussler
    Person / Project of the Year – FinnFest USA 2013
    Sparkplug Award for Growth – MTEC Smart Start Program
    Sparkplug Award for Quality – Calumet Electronic
    Sparkplug Award forTeamwork – Pettibone
    Young Professional of the Year – Jessica Brassard

    2012 SparkPlug Award Winners!
    Sparkplug Award for Innovation - Talon / Bridgeguard
    Sparkplug Award for Transformation -Peninsula Powder Coating
    Sparkplug Award for Community Development – Steph Olsson
    Person / Project of the Year – Mike Lahti
    Sparkplug Award for Growth – MTEC SmartZone
    Sparkplug Award for Quality – Portage Health
    Sparkplug Award for Teamwork – Aspirus Keweenaw