The Keweenaw Community Spark Plug Awards is a celebration that recognizes local businesses, organizations, community projects, and individuals for their efforts during the past year. 


    Growth - Company that has seen significant growth in employment and/or sales during the previous year.

    Customer Service - Recognized by the community, other businesses, and customers for providing superior customer service.

    Innovation / Transformation - New or existing company pursuing new products or services that hold great promise for local economic growth and employment.

    Project of the Year – A high impact project that is notable within the community and will provide lasting benefits to businesses and community members.

    Young Professional of the Year - A person under the age of 40 who made significant strides in our community and in their profession in 2018.

    Community Contributor of the Year - A person who has made strides in the development of our community.


    2018 Spark Plug Award Winners!
    Growth - Keweenaw Chevrolet
    Customer Service - Superior Equipment and Events
    Transformation/Innovation - Mount Bohemia
    Project of the Year - Houghton Beautification Committee
    Young Professional of the Year - Angela Luskin
    Community Contributor of the Year - Richelle Winkler
    2017 Spark Plug Award Winners!
    Community Development - Lt. Nick Roberts
    Growth - Calumet Electronics
    Customer Service - K.C. Bonkers
    Transformation/Innovation - Orbion Space Technology
    Project of the Year - Copper Harbor Trails Club
    Young Person of the Year - Anders Hill
    2016 Spark Plug Award Winners!        
    Community Development - Leah Polzien
    Growth - Vollwerth's
    Customer Service/Quality/Teamwork - Mark Pittillo
    Transformation/Innovation - ProNav Marine
    Young Professional of the Year - Devin Leonarduzzi
    Person/Project of the Year - Leadership Keweenaw

    2015 Spark Plug Award Winners!
    Community Development - Keweenaw Convention & Visitors Bureau App
    Growth - Xeratec Corporation
    Customer Service/Quality/Teamwork - Swift True Value Hardware, Marilyn Swift
    Transformation/Innovation - Neuvokas
    Young Professional of the Year - Brian Donnelly
    Person/Project of the Year - Keweenaw Science & Engineering Festival 

    2014 Spark Plug Award Winners!
    Growth - Thermoanalytics 
    Quality / Customer Service / Teamwork - Marketing Department
    Innovation / Transformation - Roy's Pasties & Bakery
    Community Development - Bob LaFave & The Village of L’Anse
    Person / Project of the Year - Jon Julien
    Young Professional of the Year - Amanda McConnon

    2013 Spark Plug Award Winners!
    Innovation – Glen Simula / GS Engineering
    Transformation – Jim Bogan and the Portage Health Board of Directors
    Community Development – Jon Haeussler
    Person / Project of the Year – FinnFest USA 2013
    Growth – MTEC Smart Start Program
    Quality – Calumet Electronic
    Teamwork – Pettibone
    Young Professional of the Year – Jessica Brassard

    2012 Spark Plug Award Winners!
    Innovation - Talon / Bridgeguard

    Transformation -Peninsula Powder Coating
    Community Development – Steph Olsson
    Person / Project of the Year – Mike Lahti
    Growth – MTEC SmartZone
    Quality – Portage Health
    Teamwork – Aspirus Keweenaw