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Sparkplug Awards

The Keweenaw Community Spark Plug Awards is an annual community celebration that recognizes local businesses, organizations, community projects, and individuals for their efforts during the past year.

Keweenaw Community Sparkplug Awards header

Award Categories

Growth - Company that has seen significant growth in employment and/or sales during the previous year.

Customer Service - Recognized by the community, other businesses, and customers for providing superior customer service.

Innovation / Transformation - New or existing company pursuing new products or services that hold great promise for local economic growth and employment.

Project of the Year – A high impact project that is notable within the community and will provide lasting benefits to businesses and community members.

Young Professional of the Year - A person under the age of 40 who made significant strides in our community and in their profession during the previous year.

Community Contributor of the Year - A person who has made strides in the development of our community.

Growth - Northern Hardwoods
Customer Service - Keweenaw Adventure Company
Transformation/Innovation - REL, Inc.
Project of the Year - Trauma-Informed School of Public Schools of CLK
Young Professional of the Year - Dr. Rebecca Severn
Community Contributor of the Year - Mark Lambert