Keweenaw Spark Plug Award Recipients!

Group winners

THERMOANALYTICS won the Spark Plug Award for Growth – Company that has seen significant growth in employment and/or sales during the previous year.

MARKETING DEPARTMENT won the Spark Plug Award for Quality / Customer Service / Teamwork – Recognized by the community, other businesses, and customers for providing top quality products/services.

ROY’S PASTIES & BAKERY won the Spark Plug Award for Innovation / Transformation – New or existing company pursuing new products or services that hold great promise for local economic growth and employment. Or, that has made a significant change in how they conduct business or in the products/services they offer, which has produced significant outcomes in terms of revenue or employment.

BOB LAFAVE & THE VILLAGE OF L’ANSE won the Award for Community Development – A company, person, or activity that has had significant positive impact on the business community.

JON JULIEN was named Person / Project of the Year – A high impact person or project that is notable within the community and will provide lasting benefits to businesses and community members.

AMANDA MCCONNON named our second Young Professional of the Year –A person under the age of 40 who made significant strides in our community and in their profession in 2014.



Through research, community collaboration and a dynamic planning process, the Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce has created a vision to be the community resource for small business, with a strong focus on support, attraction and development.

We listened to the business community, community leaders and our membership to develop our new brand and in three focused service-areas which all essentially provide information, referrals and networking.

SUPPORT: The Chamber SUPPORTS businesses by providing information and referring inquiries to our partners like KEDA, SBTSC, MTEC SmartZone, Entrepreneur Support Center, Jutila Business Incubator or whichever organization is best to assist that business. In addition we are working toward building a business calendar.

ATTRACT: The Chamber also provides information and referrals to people wanting to visit or relocate here. If someone wants to inquire about tourism, we send them directly to the Keweenaw Convention and Visitors Bureau. And whether someone is relocating a business or family here, we will continue to send them to the appropriate community resource(s) that will meet their need(s).

DEVELOP: The Chamber is going to continue growing networking and visibility opportunities for small business. We will continue to provide ribbon cuttings, promotion, Eggs and Issues, golf outings, promotion and a monthly newsletter.