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About Us

The Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of business professionals from Houghton and Keweenaw Counties, who have joined together for the purpose of promoting the economic well-being of the business community in the Keweenaw Peninsula.

The Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce has a major impact on business, income, and future growth of the area.

There are two primary functions of a Chamber of Commerce:

  • The Chamber acts as a clearing house for business information and as spokesperson for the business, industrial and professional community and translates into action the group thinking of its members.
  • The Chamber provides specific services of a type that can be most effectively rendered by a community organization both to its members and to the community as a whole.

Our General Objectives

To coordinate the efforts of commerce and the professions in maintaining and strengthening a sound and healthy business climate in the Keweenaw Peninsula, building communities to which residents, visitors and investors are attracted.

To sponsor programs and activities that will provide for full development and employment of our human and economic resources.

To provide creative business leadership and effective coordination of all interested parties in solving community problems and initiating constructive community action. Promoting our area communities, striving to ensure future prosperity via a pro-business climate; representing the unified voice of the business community.

To create broad understanding and appreciation of the great opportunities in the Keweenaw Peninsula, and to promote the advantages and assets of our community within the area, in the state, and in the world.

The Mission, Vision, and Philosophy of the Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce:

The MISSION of the Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce is to improve the community and economic vitality of the Keweenaw Peninsula.

The VISION of the Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce is to create a sustainable, diverse, and vibrant economy that fosters excellent quality of life.

The PHILOSOPHY of the Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce is such that we believe we can achieve our vision through effective leadership and collaboration with other organizations, business leaders, and community members while working with integrity towards the achievement of common goals through shared resources, skills, and ideas.