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Snowfall & Trail Conditions

Season Snowfall total of


as of 3/5/2024.

Snowmobile Trail Conditions
● No grooming took place last night based on traffic and snow conditions. Please visit the Keweenaw
Snowmobile Club Facebook Page for updates.
● Trail 3 from Dollar Bay to Lake Linden was reopened this year for the first time since the Fathers Day
Flood of 2018.
For real-time trail grooming updates , download the Groomer Tracker App! Sign up for the Keweenaw trail
system with a portion of the fees shared to support our local trail grooming club!

Snowmobile Trail Closures
● 124 is closed for logging.

Cross Country Skiing & Fat Tire Trail Updates
● Michigan Tech – Grooming operations have ceased here at your MTU Trails. That being said, there is still some skiing to be found. Expect late
season conditions with dirt, ice and standing water on the trails. Use caution and have fun!(3/5/24)
● Calumet Lake Winter Trails - All trails groomed to knock down the drifts. Should be good riding today and tomorrow. Might be the last time I
groom this season, depending on if we get more snow and the trails survive the warm onslaught next week. I'll leave the poles in for a week or
so and see if winter is going to make a comeback before pulling them for this season. (2/29/24)
● Swedetown – We are going to open the trails this morning and go to spring grooming mode. Temperatures are going to get below freezing
overnight this and we will groom accordingly. (3/5/24)
● Swedetown Snow Bike - All 5 loops double dragged, get it while you can.(2/17/24)
● Keweenaw Mountain Lodge
● Chassell Trails - I walked our trails this morning. 95% are without snow. The forecast is not showing any measurable snow fall in the foreseeable future. We are officially closed for this ski season. Maybe things will be better next fall. Thanks for your patience. Jim (3/3/24)
● Chassell Snowshoe Trails - Trails are down to a shallow 3-5" base that freezes overnight and then softens by early afternoon. (2/3/24)
● Maasto Hiihto & Churning Rapids – All trails groomed.Set tracks where possible. (2/29/24) | Rock skis but some trails are nice. (2/29/24)
● Churning Rapids Snow Bike - Trails were groomed Monday night. Conditions are currently very good, but please be cautious with the warm
weather. Ride when the snow is frozen to keep from making ruts.(2/20/24)
● Eagle Harbor – Received around 2-3 inches along the lake shore, still not enough to groom. Trails could be snow-covered enough to use, but not
groomed. (2/12/24)
● Twin Lakes State Park - TBA
● Copper Harbor – Ran the roller around the trails this morning. It is thin and crusty. There isn't enough snow to set tracks. (2/17/24)
● Boundary Road Trails – Rolled new snow down and it looked really good. Done by Andrew. (2/29/24)

Downhill Skiing
● Mont Ripley – Open. (1/15/24)
● Mount Bohemia – Ski Season over as of 3/3/24.

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Officers provide ATV escorts seven days a week, provided they are available, at the following times:
9:15 a.m.
2:15 p.m.
7:15 p.m.
ATV’s and side-by-sides only. Sorry, no jeeps, pickups, full-size vehicles, converted 4X4s or dirt bikes. Minimum of 2 machines to be escorted.


Information provided by: 

Keweenaw Convention & Visitors Bureau