•  Lunch and Learn

  • Upcoming 2021 Lunch & Learns:

    More information to come!


    Past 2020 Lunch and Learns :

    January: Leadership & Human Motivation with presenter Matt Throop of MDT Consulting

    February: Endless Referrals with presenter Adam Taivalkoski of Exp Realty

    March-December: Cancelled


    Past 2019 Lunch and Learns :

    January - Your Business in the Digital Marketing Age with presenter Mary Myers of TV6 & FoxUP

    February - Wellness in the Workplace with presenter Patty Markham Peterson of Expanding Hearts

    March - Why is Online Presence so Important for Small-Town Business Owners with presenter Jean Hardy with the University of Michigan School of Information

    May - Story Tellers: Customer Service Culture That Fuels Growth with presenter Brian Donnelly, Vice President of Retail Banking at Superior National Bank & Trust

    September - Website Workshop with presenter Mary Myers of TV6 & FoxUP

    October -  Video As a Powerful Marketing Tool with presenters Amanda and Daena Makela of 2nd Sandbar Productions

    November - The Brutal Honesty about Marketing! Presenters Karyn and Dave Olsson of the Marketing Department


    Past 2018 Lunch and Learns include:

    January - Digital Marketing with presenters Mary Myers and Patrick Callahan of TV6 & FoxUP

    February - Agile Project Management Process with presenter E.B. Mayer an accomplished business leader with over 15 Years of experience across fortune 500 companies

    March - Trademarks with presenter Laura M. Konkel is a partner at a Madison law firm and an adjunct professor of Intellectual Property

    April - Estate Planning for Business Owners with presenter Joel C. Tuoriniemi of MTU's School of Business & Economics

    May - Initial Coin Offerings & Bitcoin Entrepreneurship with presenter Andre Laplume of MTU's School of Business & Economics

    July - Online Safety with presenter Jake Putala, Consumer Education and OK2SAY School Safety Presenter with the Michigan Department of Attorney General

    September - What You Really Sell with presenter Roger Woods, Senior Lecturer at MTU's School of Business & Economics

    October - Maker Spaces & Their Benefits to Small Business with presenter Jason Mack, Vice President of Business Development at the MTEC SmartZone

    November - Creating a Service-Driven Culture with presenter Lisa Liimatta Co-Founder of Rise Leadership Circle, LLC

    December - Design Thinking in Business with presenters Dr. Steve Patchin, Director of Career Services, Michigan Tech University