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  • Mission Statement & Objectives

    To be a community leader, you must know your community inside and out. To be a great salesperson, you must know your territory. To effectively network, you must meet new clients with whom to network. To effectively lobby, you must know your leaders and the process.  These are the attributes of a great community leader.

    Leadership Keweenaw is the ideal program for preparing our leaders of tomorrow. The Leadership Program will provide you with a detailed understanding of the inner workings of the various public and private elements that make our segment of the Upper Peninsula truly unique.

    Leadership Keweenaw challenges participants to develop their leadership skills through networking, education, exciting and fun activities and community involvement.

    Leadership improves quality of life for Keweenaw residents and guests via its graduates’ active, consistent practice of  inclusive leadership.  To build our leadership talent to positively impact our economy, environment and society.

    • Culture
    • Education
    • Diversity
    • Respect
    • Relationships

    Program Objectives:

    After completing the Leadership Keweenaw program, participants will be able to:

    • Appraise their leadership capabilities to focus on strengths, skills, and expertise.
    • Apply the leadership concepts and practices at their workplace and/or in the community.
    • Gain a broad understanding of the different business organizations and the cultural differences.
    • Compare and contrast profit and not-for-profit entities and the unique characteristics of each.
    • Prepare to step into a leadership role within the community or at employer.
    • Commit to lifelong learning and professional development.


    Goals & Benefits:
    •Develop, practice and improve leadership skills

    Engage in leadership roles at work and in the community

    • Work on a real life community project and propose improvements

    • Expand business and community networks for current and future leaders

    • Generate an awareness and appreciation of the Keweenaw’s resources, institutions, cultures and challenges

    • Identify, evaluate, and apply individual strengths to effectively serve businesses, organizations and communities

    • Promote your company or organization and yourself via community involvement

    • Develop long-term professional relationships within the community

    Program Requirements:

    Participants are required to attend all sessions and complete all assignments. A two-day opening retreat in August is followed by one-full weekday session (7:45 am to 4:30 pm) each month beginning in September and ending in May. Leadership Keweenaw Program sessions are typically held on the second Thursday of each month (see program schedule for specific dates). The program concludes with a dinner and graduation program in May.

    To successfully complete the Leadership Keweenaw program and graduate, participants are required to:
    • Attend a minimum of 10 full-day out of 11 full-day sessions
    • Complete a minimum of 5 of the monthly interim assignments
    • Complete all homework assignments (whether a session is missed or not)
    • Participate in a 9-month Community Class Project

    Acceptance into the Leadership Keweenaw Program:

    The Leadership Keweenaw Committee thoughtfully considers information submitted by applications, and carefully selects a diverse group of applicants to create a class representing the business community, the arts, education, religion, government and community based organizations.

    The program is limited to 20 participants each year. Applications must be accompanied by a $250 tuition deposit to be considered complete. Applicants will be notified by June 1, 2016 of their acceptance to the program. A waiting list will be established if applications exceed program space. If you are not accepted into the 2016-17 Leadership Keweenaw program, you are encouraged to apply again in a subsequent year.

    Program Tuition: $1,195

    If accepted into the Leadership Keweenaw program, you or your employer/sponsor will be responsible for the remaining balance of $945 tuition due on or before July 15, 2016.

    The tuition covers all instruction, activities, program materials, meals, some group transportation, and graduation expenses.

    Tuition is refundable prior to beginning of the program; however, there is a $250 administrative fee for withdrawals after July 1, 2016. Tuition is not refundable for withdrawals of any reason on or after August 1, 2016.


    A limited number of scholarships may be available. If seeking assistance, your scholarship application must be submitted with this application form. Please note that scholarships are based on need and must be repaid in the event the program is not completed.


    Portage Lake Enrichment Foundation, Inc.
    Please contact Bonnie Veker

    Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce • 902 College Avenue • Houghton, MI 49931
    Phone: 906.482.5240 • Fax: 906.482.5241 • Email: info@keweenaw.org

  • Make your donation in support of the Leadership Keweenaw program. Make your donation in support of the Leadership Keweenaw program.

    Developing Future Leaders!



    Your donation can be made through Paypal by credit card!

    The Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce encourages you to get involved in the Leadership Keweenaw program by supporting the Portage Lake Enrichment Foundation, Inc., the 501(c)3 subsidiary of the Chamber.