• Flood Relief Update Media Release

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    January 28, 2019

    The Portage Health Foundation has expended nearly $2 million dollars in flood relief.

    [Hancock, MI] Since the Father’s Day flood, the Portage Health Foundation (PHF) has been working with private homeowners to get their homes back to safe, healthy living environments.

    PHF wants to thank those who have given generously and the community at large for all they have done.  As the PHF nears the conclusion of their relief efforts, we remind everyone that 100% of all monies donated by corporate or individual donations throughout the course of the summer and fall have been expended towards homeowner relief. These donations have allowed us to help private homeowners with foundation repairs, interior and exterior repairs to the home, hot water heaters, furnaces, boilers, site mitigation and excavation, initial mold mitigation and many other flood-related damages that pose significant health risks to our community. The Portage Health Foundation has expended nearly $2 million dollars to date – only just few projects remain to be completed.

    The monies required to complete repairs that exceeded community donations have been supported directly by the Portage Health Foundation.
    In response to the question –“what’s next?”—PHF closed its books, aside from a few identified projects, at the end of 2018. The few remaining projects have clear and identified expectations of what the projects entail and the role that PHF will be playing in support of them. Any additional donations made generally to the Portage Health Foundation’s “FloodwithLove initiative will be applied to offset the direct-expenses of the flood relief made by the Portage Health Foundation.

    Outside of those few remaining projects that have been identified, PHF’s support of individual homeowners with home repairs and general needs is concluded.

    As for the trail systems, PHF continues to be updated by the MDNR and will work with the MDNR and community groups (with a vested interest in the trails systems) throughout the spring and early summer.  Any donations sent to the PHF for the trails must be designated as such.  As with the other donations made towards homeowner flood relief, all monies received by the PHF for trails will be 100% applied towards the restoration of those trails systems damaged by the 2018 Father’s Day Flood and included on the MDNR damage report.
    PHF’s support throughout the flood relief was purposeful, focused, and does not extend past this disaster – 2018 Father’s Day Flood. All activity done for the #FloodwithLove initiative has been done with the support of the Attorney General’s office and the local emergency response team.  The PHF will be providing a more detailed and audited financial update to the community once it has been completed.  We anticipate that to be ready by April 2019.

    Again, we thank everyone who helped our community through this difficult ordeal; together, we made a difference!

    Chelsea Goodreau, Marketing & Communications Coordinator